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Candice Madanipour is a passionate attorney who takes great pride in her exceptional track record. She serves a variety of clients in and around Orange County, assisting with everything from amicable divorces to contentious civil disputes. Her clients are continually impressed by her extensive understanding of the legal profession, along with her attention to detail. If you wish to work with a hardworking and knowledgeable attorney, you are the perfect candidate for a consultation with the Law Office of Candice Madanipour.

Service Area

The Law Office of Candice Madanipour is conveniently located on Spectrum Center Drive in Irvine, California. Many of the firm’s clients live in Irvine, but many others reside in other areas of Orange County. Candice Madanipour has a thorough understanding of the local legal system, so she is a great legal advocate for Orange County residents.

Practice Areas

A vast array of legal matters are handled at The Law Office of Candice Madanipour. The firm is best known for its family law services, which include divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, and property division. Although Candice Madanipour always desires peaceful resolutions for her clients’ divorces and separations, she recognizes that litigation is sometimes necessary. When litigation cannot be avoided, she provides aggressive and proactive representation in court. Her litigation services also involve a variety of other matters, including contract law, personal injury, and real estate.


Candice Madanipour is committed to her clients and their families. She goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients’ cases are resolved in a favorable manner. This often means long hours of research and difficult encounters in court. She’s willing to put up with a lot in the interest of achieving a desired legal resolution. Her clients appreciate this sense of dedication, and in return, they are very loyal to Candice Madanipour and her law firm.

If you are currently dealing with a family law or civil litigation concern, you are encouraged to reach out to Candice Madanipour at your earliest convenience. Proactive legal representation can make a huge difference, and few attorneys provide better or more client-oriented support than Candice Madanipour. Contact The Law Office of Candice Madanipour today to learn more about the firm’s legal services and track record of success.

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