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Orange County Civil Litigation Attorney

Breaches of contract can make or break a business, building project, or personal budget. When you hire someone to perform work for you, you expect that work to be done in the agreed amount of time, for the agreed amount of money, and at a level of quality that ensures you don't have to have the same work done again. If you are under contract with another party who has failed to deliver on the terms of your agreement, Candice Madanipour can help you take the matter to court and get damages to make up for your financial losses.

Orange County Family Law Attorney

The breaking up of a marriage is one of the most difficult events many people will ever go through. Having an attorney who understands the emotional impact a break-up has on her clients, and not just the legal impact, can ease the process. Attorney Candice Madanipour knows divorce is a lot more than the division of assets, paperwork, and what happens in the courtroom, and will treat the ending of your marriage with the respect and sensitivity it deserves.

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