Orange County Civil Litigation Attorney

Breaches of contract can make or break a business, building project, or personal budget. When you hire someone to perform work for you, you expect that work to be done in the agreed amount of time, for the agreed amount of money, and at a level of quality that ensures you don’t have to have the same work done again. If you are under contract with another party who has failed to deliver on the terms of your agreement, Candice Madanipour can help you take the matter to court and get damages to make up for your financial losses.

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract comes in many forms. The most obvious is the other party simply failing to do the duty required of them after you have put down money. Others include partial-completion of work, work done to a different level than agreed upon, such as a deck being built in pine instead of cedar, or a customer failing to pay a final payment. If the contract says the other party is going to do something, and it doesn’t get done, it’s a breach from a legal standpoint.

Construction Disputes

One of the most common areas in which breaches of contract are found is construction. Not only does construction generally require numerous contracts with numerous contractors, it requires detailed work that can be devastating if ignored. If one contractor fails to follow through, it can set back the schedule, or cause damages to the construction, which then cost money to repair.

Orange County Civil Litigation Attorney

Breaches of contract, especially in the field of construction, often cost individuals more than the amount written on paper. If a contractor fails in their part of a project, it is possible that other parts of the project may have to be redone as well, especially in the case of construction, or that the entire project will be late, which will, in turn, put you in breach of contract with your client.

Since breach of contract is never as black and white as the paper on which the contract is originally written, there is more than one type of damage you can be issued by the court. Attorney Madanipour will help you understand which damages you are likely entitled to under the law, so that you get all the monetary compensation you need to get your money back and your project back on track.

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